SteamCube is a SCAM

So, if you watch Twitter for even a short amount of time, you will inevitably see a ton of affiliate links The premise on the page is you get 15 people to click your link and then you complete two surveys, and you get a free $20 Steam Gift Card. Sounds great right? Wrong.

So I went through the motions with a throwaway email account and eventually the first survey said completed, but the second survey would never finish.


Being a web developer, I got curious. I dug into the code. Check out this gem I found hidden inside an iFrame:


In case Javascript isn’t your cup of tea, let me break down what is happening here. When you click the first survey button, it opens up the spam ads (ahem, I mean survey), sets the button text to “Uncompleted…” and then sets a timer for 1000*60*5 milliseconds, or basically 5 minutes. When that time has elapsed, a callback is called and the survey is set to “Completed…”.

You didn’t actually “complete” the survey. I used to work in an industry similar to this and true affiliate marketing uses tracking mechanisms like cookies and “pixels” to track a referral and then ping back notifications of completion. This isn’t happening here, it is all a ruse.

In the second one, you will see that it opens your spam ads and then just sets it to say “Uncompleted…”. They basically get you to go click on a bunch of ads, make them money, and then sit there until you get frustrated and give up.

Good thing they tricked you into getting 15 of your friends to do it too huh?

Stay away from, it is a complete SCAM.