Learning Ruby on Rails

completed-rails-for-zombies-redux-cb1011b0ed5f8bb98c97e8e97d7faa3eAs a PHP developer, I’ve always been fascinated with Ruby, specifically the Rails framework. I’ve always felt like I am missing out on something. Recently, I’ve started making a push in my limited spare time to get familiar with the language and idioms of Rails. I’m proud to say, thus far, I have completed the Rails For Zombies course over at Code School. In case you are curious, here is my CodeSchool “Report Card”.

Next steps? I’m going to work on building a rails app from the ground up and learn as I go. As a self-taught developer, I’ve found that spending hours readings the documentation and poring over questions in StackOverflow really helps me to grok the material.

Also, I’ve found a couple other options for learning Ruby.


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