Digital Painting

This is a digitial painting I created with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a mouse for a college course. Personally, I find it to be a little creepy (mostly the mouth), but is an interesting portfolio piece showing I can do some artistic work.



Jeremy Harris Portfolio

These days, many people want to know if I am able to do WordPress development. Originally, this portfolio was built using a custom MVC framework (PHP) that I wrote, but is now a custom built WordPress theme. This portfolio utilizes multiple custom post types and custom pages, Grunt.js build system for concatenating and minifying CSS, and the design was created 100% by me.

In the past, I have built WordPress plugins, so I now have a good solid example of my ability to also take a design and build a custom WordPress theme entirely from scratch.

“Open Source” Design

This is a graphic I created for a t-shirt using Adobe Illustrator. The concept is a store called “Source” with an “Open” sign in the window. I know, a bit cheezy.

The largest project I created in 2013, was a custom E-Commerce platform built using a custom MVC framework I created and powered by Stripe. I designed and developed the site in it’s entirety and it had an intricate administrative portal, content partner portal, affiliate portal, as well as notification systems. Some of the interesting portions of the admin area were a 3D design file manager with capabilities of loading and displaying 3D .obj files (and their textures) utilizing the three.js library, custom invoice generation and management, a real-time printing queue as well as all the other bells and whistles you would expect with an e-commerce platform.