50lb Blue Catfish

Hi, my name is Jeremy Harris. I love web development and fishing. I am the proud father of a beautiful little girl and work hard every day to set a quality example for her in how to live life, work ethics, and common decency.

I got my first introduction to programming at age 15 when I got my first computer. I came across a QBasic book at a yard sale and decided to mess around with it. It took a grand total of maybe an hour to be hooked! After several months of dabbling and late nights, I had created a terrible top-down RPG but I loved it. I also knew it was time to expand.

Around 2001 I dabbled with C++ and Visual Basic 6. I went the VB route and spent the next couple years making cool applications and games. I also started messing around with HTML and Javascript. The web at that time was still a curious mess with IE being the dominant player and many sites I viewed were riddled with flashing marquees, clashing colors, and a touch of Microsoft Frontpage all over it. Remember Geocities? LOL.

Around 2003 I got my introduction to PHP and MySQL. I loved the power it had, but more importantly I loved the fact that anybody on the internet could view my work. I found it difficult with traditional application programming to get people to use my software because people just don’t trust executable files from random people. I’ve been coding PHP since then.

In 2004-2006, I was working full time at a titanium foundry as a nationally certified Level 2 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspector doing Non-Destructive Testing. I wanted to be working on the web but lack of a degree made me barely marketable so I made the decision to join the U.S. Navy. I headed to boot camp May 9, 2006. It was a difficult but rewarding experience and my 6 year tour was honorably completed on May 8, 2012.

Daughter CheesingSince then, I moved to Columbia, South Carolina and have been working full time in web development. I had a brief, but interesting stint working for a funded startup called iGeoPulse tackling the problem of user sentiment analysis. The small team (myself, a front-end designer/developer, and the founder) built a great product but ultimately, were shutdown by the investors. From there, I moved on to to ReachSmart Interactive as an Applications Developer building and maintaining large advertising systems. Unfortunately, that company ran into a few legal issues and so I had to move on as the company was going under. This event landed me at 3D Print Holdings as employee #1, where I assisted the founder in building multiple e-commerce platforms. I provided the full range of services: graphic design, frontend + backend development, database administration, server administration, technical support — heck, I even did shipping and customer service when I had the time. Startups have to be scrappy and I realized that I had taken the technical side of the company through MVP (minimum viable product) and into a real platform. In the best interest of the company, I suggested that we part ways so that my salary could be used for more critical areas to the business success such as production equipment. I remained on-board as a part-time consultant, but this allowed me to move into new development opportunities.

Nowadays I work as a Senior Developer and Architect for a local property management company and, among the many development tasks, I also provide guidance to our team of three other developers and technical advice to the CTO.